So I saw an advertisement today for a whole new way of being church that is both post-modern and post-missional! Really? I mean, really? I am certainly someone who has defended the use of the "post-" reality world, but are we really going to talk about being post-missional? Isn't that akin to being post-purposeful or post-worshipful? I guess the "missional" seminars and cookie-programs have run their course, so to sell new seminars and books we had to create a "post-missional" mandate.


  1. One is reminded of C.S. Lewis's comments that the goal of seeing "through" something is to actually see something through it. So if one goes one seeing "through" everything, it is the same as not seeing.

    In a post-everything world, do we cease to exist? Perhaps this is what people are aiming for, a nirvana of sorts.

  2. As you said...the moment a Conservative Baptist pastor starts using the phrase, "becoming missional," truly the movement needs to be post-missional and on to something else.

    Ok so I am being a little silly, and I agree with you. We are not post-missional. From the time of Christ's resurrection to his return. We must always be missional.