A God Who Is Wrong

It seems to me that God may be wrong everyday. At least that's how I feel and history seems to point that way. Now before some of you declare me a heretic, continue to read the post. The reason for my line of thinking is a result of my reading of the book of Hosea. God is so passionately in love with his whore-ish people that he is willing to do anything to bring them back. This is the story of history. A prostitute people whom God holds out hope. He marries us and we cheat. We sell ourselves to slavery and he buys us back. We continue to give our lives to sin and yet he still loves us and gives himself over to the humility and scorn of being a lover whose love doesn't reciprocate. This is the story of a God who is wrong everyday. God bets it all on humanity coming back and loving Him. Luckily, we know (perhaps, more boldly, hope) that in the end, God will be right!