The Necessity for Change

After my long hiatus from blogging, I'm ready to write some thoughts. It's been about 3-4 months since I last blogged. My last post was entitled the Fall of Change where I lamented Obama's reaction to Rev. Jeremiah Wright. It is now the end of August and Obama is on the cusp of naming his running mate. After a whole summer of listening to both candidates, I am still let down. Neither candidate seems to have fresh policies. In fact, when you put their thoughts side by side on the primary issues they address in front of audiences, they seem almost identical. Yes, they do hold to some different views-- particularly the Christian-Right hot button issues. However, neither really cares about those issues and neither will do anything substantial in those matters anyways. I do think Obama brings a very needed image change for the United States. He seems to be open, progressive, and a good thinker. He is young and charismatic. McCain brings a natural bi-partisanship to the table. Historically, he has been a maverick, although he hasn't shown that side of him for many months. I would love to see a maverick in the White House. I would love to see Obama return to the message in the books he has written. I want to see change. We need change. Sadly, as the situation between Georgia and Russia is proving, neither candidate brings real change. They react the same way. Where are the Mavericks? I would love to have a true choice on election day. As such, I am stuck between the faux choice of good image and charismatic vs. mature-looking and good story teller.