Old Stuff

Sunday, February 16, 2003- 11:06 pm
Just bought Len and Brian's new book, A is for Abductive. I also bought Bob Weber's new book, The Younger Evangelicals. I am really enjoying both of them so far. Although, I would have to say that I am reading the chapters in Sweet and McLaren's in order (sorry most revered ones!). I have been mulling over theology lately. My theology revolves around the community aspect of the Trinity creating humanity in the image of God. This is definitely an area of thought that must be explored again and again. The theme runs throughout the scriptures. The idea of redemption, the Incarnation, community and Church, a chosen people, the Bride of Christ, etc. all flow from this creative act that was borne out of the community of the Trinity. We are truly participants/partners/partakers of the divine nature/being/essence/species of God (2 Peter 1:4). [The word for participant is from the same word that fellowship or koinonia comes from.]-- New Topic-- Can you worship God BY (not while) throwing a Frisbee. I am not talking about the indirect way of worship by using or time in a stewardly fashion or by doing everything in the name of God. What I am asking is this: can the actual act of throwing a Frisbee be an act of worship just as much as a song sung or a prayer said. I believe the answer is Yes. I explored this with a group of Junior High and High School students about a year ago. Some of the students were able to do this. Other students were not able to grasp this concept as easily (especially the good Christian girls who grew up in church their whole lives). The great thing about Frisbee is that it is interactive, but it requires little skill and little thought. It allows you to fellowship with one another and with God. It is usually played outside in nature. I found that it was great to play in the field at sunset. The coolest thing I discovered is that spiders create very elaborate and large web tapestries across the grass and you can see them at sunset because of the way the light shines at a more horizontal level. The wonders of God's creation are infinite. Yet, at those moments it seems as if time itself stops and it is just you and God in the world that He created for you-- as He visits you in the cool of the evening!

Monday, February 3, 2003- 10:24 pm
Haven't blogged lately. Mostly been journaling in my notebook (no not the laptop kind- the metal spiral kind-- sad I know). I have been reading a lot lately-- books, mags, webs, blogs, Scripture, etc. So, my mind and heart are like a soaked sponge. I need to wrung out a little. Spirituality and grace have been taking up most of my thoughts. Also, I have been thinking about the modern churches out there-- wondering who will be the prophet unto Israel, the scribes and Pharisees, the religious majority of our day.
Well, since my last blog, macro-evangelism.org is now up and running-- sort of slow and putting, but nonetheless running. This has been good for me.

Sunday, December 8, 2002- 3:33 pm
I really am working on my book now. I am writing and reading furiously trying to come up with what will be in this book. It is to be an embodiment of the ideas and philosophies of church21. It of course will be a balance between micro- and macro- evangelism. It will focus on the ideal environment, what church should be like, what should be taking place, what is needed and what is wanted. It will focus on humanity and divinity, history and the future, the importance of now and enjoying today, etc. Humanity craves inspiration. They live for it. They die for it. And most are dying without it. The purpose of Christianity today-- be inspired! Theology is living and growing- ever developing. The concept of the Trinity did not develop in full form until Augustine. 300 years after the canon closed this core fundamental was put in written form. This doesn't mean that is was something new added to the faith, but its meaning was just not put into words until this time. This is what we should seek today-- to further explore the edges of belief. We seem to have relegated ourselves to thinking that we can not understand the concept of the Trinity farther than it has already been explored. Bologna! Hog-wash! The church needs to raise up people who can think, create, and pioneer for society. We need to understand human development, cultural development, etc. We need to understand communication theory, social work, politics, and business. We then need to utilize this knowledge and produce, create, and invent.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002- 11:07 am
This is my first entry into my online blog. I am very excited about my possibilities with having my own web world. Hopefully, it will give me a forum to get my ideas out and get others thinking through them as well.