And Darkness Was Over The Face of the Deep

The unknown shrouded in mystery.
The universe is shrouded in a perpetual darkness. The more we see, the more we don't see. The more we learn and know, the more we realize just how much we are ignorant. We expand farther and farther outward gazing at the cosmos, while examining deeper and deeper discovering every quark or nuance of matter and energy. Each step brings with it a revelation of a much larger world, a whole existence that we are unaware, a reality that is at once close and yet so distant. In the midst of such darkness, God breathed. Revelation occurred. Life emerged. Light broke forth.


  1. Life Emerged? Whatever dude. Seriously, do you even READ the bible? In Genesis it tells on how God CREATED the earth and everything on it. Need proof? Look around!! God's creations are everywhere.

  2. Uh... apparently you missed the sentence a line before that one... God breathed. How sad that you missed my entire point. God breathed! Life emerges from divine revelation. Light breaks forth from divine speech. Darkness was over the face of the deep... until God speaks then everything changes.

    Just as Genesis 1 describes the whole cosmos in this way, we also experience this personally as well. In the midst of our own darkness, it the midst of our abyss and ignorance, God speaks and reveals. Such speech causes new life to emerge in us and causes light to break forth in our darkness.

    My post is meant to connect this cosmic vision with the personal experience-- something that speaks to the deep darkness that we often find ourselves.

    Reading the Bible is good; letting the Bible read you is better.