Summoned & Named

Len Sweet wrote a book a few years ago called Summoned to Lead. In it he proposes the idea that leaders are not born nor made but summoned. In my thoughts on vocation, I would like to expand this and say that "we are what we are called to!" Our identies are wrapped up in our calling.

Along with this is the idea of naming. I have been named by God. This name reveals my calling. Just as Jesus was called Christ, Emmanuel, Prince of Peace, Alpha and Omega, etc., we also receive names that reveal our calling.

In addition to this, I am finding that we too have the responsibility of calling and naming. Faith sharing is calling others to the task of bringing the kingdom. Faith sharing is naming the realities and possibilities we see in others.

It is in these two concepts that we find our true selves in the dance of the Trinity. Such a thing occurs in the midst of a faith community that views life through such lenses. Without such lenses, a community inevitably puts on the tinted glasses of another view that will, more often than not, create commodities out of people.

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