Does God Have A Big Toe?

The following is an excerpt from the children's book Does God Have A Big Toe?

When God first made the world, nothing turned out right, so God decided to start all over again. When the animals heard about hti, they were frightened. They decided to ask God not to end the world. But none of them knew where God lived, so they all flew and flopped, rolled and ran, jerked and jumped, crept and crawled, slithered and slid to the different places they thought God lived.

The elephant said, "I am the biggest animal, but God must be bigger than I. Surely I will find God in the biggest thing."

The elephant came to a mountain. "This is the biggest thing around, so it must be God!" And the elephant asked the mountain not to end the world.

The eagle said, "I can fly higher than any animal, but God must fly higher than I. Surely I will find God in the highest thing." The eagle flew higher and higher-- far higher than any bird had ever flown before.

The ealge saw a fluffy white could that was even higher than he. "This is the highest thing, so it must be God." And the eagle asked the cloud not to end the world.

The lion said, "My roar is the loudest animal sound, but God must be louder than I. Surely I will find God in the loudest thing!" SO the lion roared and roared and roared and roared.

Suddenly the clouds gathered together, turned black, and sent out thunder and lightning. "This is the loudest thing, so it must be God." And the lion asked the thunder not to end the world.

Soon the elephant realized that the mountain wasn't God because it didn't answer him.

Soon the eagle realized that the cloud wasn't God because it blew away.

Soon the lion realized that the thunder wasn't God because it stopped.

Soon all the animals were yelling, "We have to find God or we're done for!"

Then the fish spoke up. "In the oceans and sea and rivers and lakes where we live, water is everywhere. There is water all around. If the water is everywhere, God must be everywhere too."

When God heard what the fish said, the whole world shone and the black clouds blew away. Then God said to the animals, "When I end the world, I will save two of each kind of animal so that when the world starts over, you can start over too. But as for the fish... I will save all of them, because only they knew where to find God.

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