Pastor as Spiritual Interpreter

I came across the following description of pastoring from the book Making Spiritual Sense--Christian Leaders as Spiritual Interpreters:
Everyone agrees that congregational leadership is important; few agree on exactly what it is. Some claim it has to do primarily with vision casting; others say it's about effective administration; for others, serving as a change agent is most important. Yet all of these definitions forget that leadership in the church differs from leadership in other groups and organizations in one essential aspect: The congregational leader's first calling is to help his or her parishioners see the world, and their place in it, through God's eyes. God calls Christians to live transformed lives in a world in need of grace. God calls their leaders to help them adopt a set of perspectives, attitudes, and habits that make living as a Christian possible. This book will aid those leaders as they help Christians make spiritual sense of their lives.

I really liked this description. It definitely resonates with my view of the pastoral role.

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