Jesus Camp

I just watched a preview of a documentary entitled Jesus Camp. Frightening. It amazes me that American Christianity is actually becoming this. So many evangelicals that I talk to believe that this country is coming to ruin because of secularism and liberalism. They believe that this country is ruled by godless people. And yet... these same evangelicals rule the white house, congress, the supreme court, most of the gubenatorial places in the states, etc. These same evangelicals a part of a growing movement around the country.... This definately scares me. We need a faith of love and hope rather than hate and fear. We need a faith of humility and peace rather than one focused on power and violence. We need a faith that cares about all people-- no matter what race, religion, gender, etc, rather than one of bias. Jesus Camp shows us the world of evangelical "Christian" America and where it is going wrong.

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