The Satiation of God's People in America

Last Sunday, I preached out of Amos 2:6-16. This was the text that I was assigned to speak out. It is mostly a text about arrogance and social justice. I have been reading Walter Brueggemann's renown book Prophetic Imagination in which he discusses what he calls "royal consciousness" as opposed to the alternative community of Moses. One of the more important sections is his discussion of the satiation of God's people so that they no longer are concerned about creating this alternative community. Here is a quote from page 37 of his book:

The royal consciousness with its program of achievable satiation has redefined
our notions of humanness, and it has done that to all of us. It has created a
subjective consciousness concerned only with self-satisfaction. It has denied
the legitimacy of tradition that requires us to remember, of authority that
expects us to answer, and of community that calls us to care. It has so
enthroned the present that a promised future... is unthinkable.

I find that we seem to be in a similar situation today. Our faith has been hijacked by American consumerism. Our dreams have been taken captive by "2 cars in every garage and a roast in every oven" type of thinking. We have confused the present with the future God is dreaming. What we need is repentance-- a change from one way of living life to another way.

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