The Problem With ChristianityUSA

Today's headline of Pat Robertson suggesting the assassination of the Venzuelean President so angered me. This sounds like the middle ages. Christian leaders calling for outright violence and killing. Wow! Frankly, it is even hard to write this post, I am not sure what to say. No words can express the deep anger and frustration in me in regards to this going on. Of course, this one event did not set this off in me. It is in hearing these comments come from certain elements of the "Christian" culture here in the US over my lifetime. As well, the likes of Joel Osteen also get under my skin. I listened to him on TV for about 15 minutes a few nights ago. How can people really believe the crap coming out of his mouth? I am not accustomed to actually naming names in my post; however, I am really fed up, especially due to the fact that these people are very popular among certain "Christian" groups and with Osteen the popularity is growing. I see the same thing here in my city with a few of the popular churches and speakers right now. Many college age students are flocking to one church in particular. The pastor their is a very dynamic presenter with a very winsome personality. Personally, I think his teachings are often garbage and further enforce the very negative ideas that I have fought my whole life to overcome and get rid of. The true problem in all of this is that this supposed "Christianity" is nothing more than an idol that endorses the so much of our culture and adds some moralisms while acting as if it is opposed to the world system.
Enough ranting for now. Hopefully, I won't do this too often.


  1. I hate going into most Christian bookstores these days. "10 ways to be the bestest you ever", and "7 ways to be a rich Christian, and have God's blessings on your life", are just a few of the titles that seem to jump out at me. Where is Jesus in all this? Where is the radical Jew that said to turn the other cheek? Where is the example of the 1st century church being lived out in this century? Where is the care for others before ourself? Where is...well...you got me ranting too. Good post.

  2. Clearly many of our modern Christians have mixed patriotism with what should be Gospel obedience, and come out on the other side. A side that Jesus wasn't on. May we all learn to follow the gentle One, God incarnate.

  3. If the Gospel, or Christianity, ever endorses an ideal other than God's (as revealed in Jesus Christ), it is no longer the Gospel. It is no longer Christianity.

  4. I remember being 16 at church. Skateboard doing kick flips and grinding after group until 10 since the grown up would stay so I wouldn't be there alone. Seeing how late I could stay after pool parties until the hosts had to ask me to leave, just to see how long they would be a host. Waiting until after our leadership meetings to tell our leader my ideas directly without wasting them on group discussion. Somehow my existence always managed to make my mom happy for all she'd put in me up until then. I tried to love her the best I could even though I probably let her down a lot or didn't have beyond my years wisdom.

    I resonate with you guys, at least in the places I've come to, too. At the end of the day, it makes me happiest to try to love like I've been loved. Now I'm not saying go out and try to find the good in the gospel gold-diggers... but... It's not like I never went up to Jesus, complimented the rock on his ring and tried to squeeze some of that out of Him for myself. He still lets me and my friends get up in His benz.

  5. Justin, what you speak here seems to be spreading across the topography of the christian faith map in the west. When the church embraces the theology of just wars, when we preach living life by a moral code, when we market church like a circus...we create a huge chasm between what is and what isn't. More and more, we are not seeing a separation of denomintion, but a separation of Christianity as a religion, and that of faithfully obedient followers/disciples.
    I'm almost at the point where I use the word Christainity very little in my conversations, it almost becomes an immediate barrier, an obstacle...or starts the conversation with a bad taste. I rather now, talk just about Jesus, the gospel, the journey in the context of a pilgrimage with friends into the mysterious life Jesus talks about.

  6. Justin,
    I expect the press has grabbed Pat's comment in his moment of human weakness, overlooking what God has done thru him all these years.
    From your condeming reaction, I can tell, you or I may have said such a thing like, "God, why don't you just zapp that bad guy in Venesuela (sp?)
    After I was upset, here's what God reminded me of. We wonder why doesn't God just zap the devil if he's the cause of so much harm. The answer is so obvious to those who know God personally. He is just and fair and right, cannot tell a lie, doesn't tempt anyone to sin, cannot deny Himself, and couldn't love us more.
    We could win at softball everytime if we used a machine gun on the other team. I would never think of doing that, no more than God would be unfair in winning the game. Jesus got in the game without special shoes or Sport Product backers and he won our victory.
    He could not unfairly, zap anyone, which would be against His character.
    God had to become a man, like Adam to defeat the one Adam submitted to and gave authority to. Jesus took back that authority over us and set us free to believe in Him. He expects us to be filled with His Spirit and continue doing what He started doing-destroy the devil's work.
    If this sounds strange, then your mind hasn't been transformed yet. See things from your heavenly Father's perspective and you won't be upset by wars and rumors of wars.
    Isn't it exciting to be alive in Christ today while you hear His voice?