The Growing Monster

I was reading this article at MSN (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8545679/)about China and the growing economy there. It confirms much of what I have been reading over the past three years in regards to globalism, consumerism, and capitalism. Can we conceive of a softer, more kingdom-centered economics?


  1. Imagining a better economic model might prove easy enough, but implementing it may prove impossible. Like communism. It sounds great, but doesn't work because people are corrupt. Like in the Matrix, when Agent Smith says that the first program was rejected because everyone was happy... it didn't work, we needed to have rich and poor.

    Some of the more socialist countries seem to have things figured out pretty well, though.

  2. Everyone wins with communism :) I think that within the church economics should run completely differently, meaning that whole "all things in common" ideal from Acts should still be acted out. Not that all posetions should be sold and the money put into a collective pool (which would be awesome if we were capable of such trust and love) but that if everyone who claimed Christianity took the mindset that all of their possetions belonged to God. As for reshaping global economy, well the world is not Christian so what judgement or influence can we have without falling into slavery to money? I say we change our immediate world first, and if global change is to occure that same Spirit will move on a world wide scale. Hope that made sence, I need sleep. Peace out.