Love and the Art of Pastoring

Over the past 6 years, I did not like church nor did I like church people. I had been burnt many times by leaders and laypeople alike. I did not see the true life of Christ being lived out. Over the past year and a half, that has changed. Two friends of mine reminded me of the fact that Christ loved the Church and gave himself for her. Slowly, my heart caught up to this detail. I began to realize that the gospel was being lived out in my own life when I could love a very imperfect community. Indeed, this is exactly what God was doing throughout the OT. It is in the act of love and forgiveness and hope that the people of God begin to slowly live out the kingdom of God.
Recently, my friend James (
http://www.davedack.com/geter/) posted on the fact that so many leaders, especially youth pastors, want to do ministry. They are like playboys running around dating churches and ministries, trying to do ministry. However, they have no true love for the church (the people of God). Indeed, they often feel the people are a hindrance to the ministry getting done. I use to feel this way.
I have learned that pastoring-- loving the community of people and listening to them and challenging them and even getting hurt by them-- is an act of living out the gospel. And in doing so, hopefully so of them are pastoring me as well.


  1. Justin,

    What a poignant topic. I as well have been burned in the past, but that hasn't quelched the burning passion I have to do ministry to children.

    I do get frustrated at times, but it is always somethingI can overcome.

    Nothing is more exciting to me than watching an adult volunteer suddenly grasp the heart of ministry as they serve passionately Almighty God through the children of the church. That is so exciting to me.

  2. Sometimes it seems as though it is routine, like the pastor, or "christian colleged" people feel as though there are certain things they should be doing in order for people to see Christ in them, rather than just letting it happen. I recently had an encounter with a "christian colleged" person who said something along the lines of "they can tell we are worshipping because our eyes are closed, and we are looking up". It made me think 'I sometimes do that and don't realize it, but do some people force themselves to do it just to produce this image of what a Christian should be? - and does it fool anyone?' Christianity doesn't have a set mold for ministry, if you can't adjust to the situation and respond to it in a real way you are useless. Quoting scripture to a non-believer is pointless because they don't believe it to be truth. Sorry if this was just rambling. Thinking for yourself is necessary.

  3. pastoring is a design of God himself, many have been hurt,both in correct officiating & incorrect officiating, but with the pastor,even in his weak body,and human hands, is the truth of God,the supreme answer to the souls of man. " IN DUE TIME GOD WILL MEND THE HURT."