Missing the Point

Well, I just got back from Mexico last week. I took 18 senior high students to do VBS and paint. We had a really good time and the students really came together which was good. However, I felt that the big thing missing both in me and them was a sense that the gospel could really change anything. When Jesus was walking the Earth 2000 years ago, He walked with a sense and message that life on this planet could be redeemed and lived differently. Are we instilling that in ourselves and our students? Do we read Revelations and see a future that can be brought to this planet? What is our part in bringing this about?
We need to regain a sense of what the gospel is about, what the kingdom of God is about?


  1. Powerful but true words Justin. I am sure that you are teaching this, as are the other leaders we are associated with. I question if our hearers are actually hearing it. It seems that we live amongst so many lazy Christians who consume and consume and consume. It seems as if we try to lead people to thinking more along the lines of life change and living in the present Kingdom, that they just shrug it off as either already heard it or just don't believe that to actually be possible.

    I hear your frustrations with a Mexico trip like that. Sometimes we question those "missions trips" saying, "Who was this for, our kids or theirs?" I believe the answer will always be both. Even if you or your kids don't think it, those children were touched and we have to trust in the Holy Spirit to continue working there.

    Equally, your high schoolers were hopefully touched in some way. Even if only one, it still makes it worth it. Again we have to trust that the Holy Spirit continues to work in them some that some will grasp the idea to continue the work to bring the present Kingdom of God. Who knows...maybe one will devote his or her heart and life to lifelong intercultural ministry. We can only wait and hope.

    I hear your frustations, Justin. I'm right there with you.

  2. Spurlock!!!! lol....How the heck r u??? This is Julia from Stage Arts...GCS misses u a whole lot...We still talk about all the good times we had in your class...I go to Wheaton College in Chicago now. Dude, u have to e-mail me @ Julia.R.Stanton@wheaton.edu