Lack of Faith

I am finally back from my break and at the church working. I slipped back in to my past habit of worrying while away. On my vacation I began thinking that my church was just like every other church. So as I came back and saw what I thought were horrible problems, I began wondering what people would think of me, if they would think I was a screw up and if they thought I even should be the youth pastor.
Well... I am an idiot. My church has great people who are very understanding, supportive, and wonderful. They think I am great and responsible and on top of it and professional, etc. Why would I ever doubt? Why can't I just trust? Why do I allow my past to judge my present? Has not God brought me out of Egypt?


  1. Yes, yes, this is very good, Justin. I wonder what it means to doubt in a post Christian world that makes aesthetic decisions to print the Bible in the form of teen girl magazines? Is it the same? How do we as believers in a computer graphic animated world approach these things?

  2. You bring up an important issue James. How do we stay culturally relevant, yet remain faithful to the simple message of the gospel? Is it possible that we have allowed culture to hijack Christianity (those teen girl magazine, uh, I mean New Testaments) or is this good contextualization?
    I think this is one of the problems I see in the church today, we have no authority to tell us and we are not a sufficient community that can dialogue together, so we are left to our own whims.