Churches and the Democratic Party
Today's churches are in the same position of the democratic party. Each has lost touch with people. Each has a hiearchy that in the end seeks its own good rather than the good of the people for which they exist for.
Howard Dean recently stated, "The reason I’m interested in running for the DNC chairmanship is because I think we need some fundamental things done differently… Grassroots, empowering people elsewhere in the country, instead of trying to run things from the top down, I think, is the way to do it. It was successful for us. I think it can be successful for the Democratic National Committee." Although I like his second sentence, the rest is a bunch of crap. How can an organization become grassroots and empowering as a person seeks to chair an entire organization that keeps such a mess of heirarchy? Will he change this? Absolutely not! Why? Because the powers cannot be used for good. It is like the ring in Lord of the Rings. Men always think they can use the tremendous power of the ring to do good. The wise elves realize that this is impossible. The power itself ultimately only seeks itself and its well being-- thus, it always eventually corrupts the user. Grassroots must begin with the people. As we look back at Dean's campaign, it started grassroots, but power corrupted him as seen in Iowa. The church must begin as a community of believers who dictate to the institution how the institution should act, not the other way around. The community of believers should be a prophetic voice to the organization, molding and shaping it rather than the organization shaping the community of believers.

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