Why My Vote Doesn't Mean Anything
This election season, I feel completely pinned in. And I think much of John Q. Public feels the same way. We don't have any good choices. Bush sucks. Kerry blows. The third party candidates know nothing! It amazes me that there is such a big push to vote this year by everybody. Why? It is because no one wants to vote. We lack desire because our candidates SUCK! Just needed to blow off some steam. Oh, and I still will probably vote-- maybe I will fill in all of the circles!

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  1. The lack to good choices doesn't mean you have no choices. The world is not yet what it ought to be. Cynicism helps nothing. The church isn't yet what it ought to be. I'm not yet what I ought to be.

    In this election there are choices that are better than others. The vocation of the Christian is not withdrawal. 2 Thess. challenges us not to expect goodness all round...but "rebellion and lawlessness." And Paul calls out to us not to be "idle" but to make our lives count for the Kingdom. You may fear making a wrong choice, but getting it right is not as important as getting into the fight itself. Vote, my friend. Vote as best you know how to vote. There is no perfect way to vote. But we as Christians cannot be complicit in noninvolvement in the world.